Tarot Card Stand


Are you tired of moving around all the items on your altar or desk to make space when it's time for your daily card pull? Do you wish you had a cute + functional, dedicated space to place your tarot card while you journal, reflect on your card pulls or have it sit safely to gaze upon throughout the day? 

Well, look no further. These tarot card stands are here to give your tarot practice a dedicated altar space for you to stretch out and be fully engaged in your tarot journey.

These tarot stands come in two pieces for ease of travel. Use the round insert to add a tea light + a little candle magick into your tarot practice, or use the space to hold crystals or anything that makes sense to you!

Approx. Dimensions: 3.25" x 4" x 5.75"

Style: Card of the Day

Card of the Day
As Above So Below
Mushroom Magick

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